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Projected future outcomes that are closely aligned to real-life account activity.

ForeSight is a next-generation projection tool that models transactional activity, with predictions closely aligned to real-life trading activity. It caters for a wide variety of inputs and can be used across different services, including retirement planning, cash flow management, portfolio rebalancing and more. As a flexible predictive tool, it can be used at an individual client level or help with business planning at a group account level.


Enhanced modelling
ForeSight provides more realistic and reliable projections thanks to its advanced calculation functionality. It can incorporate a wide range of inputs including money in, money out, fee deduction, trading, rebalancing and distributed income.

Better manage client expectations
Help clients plan their retirement, manage their cash flow, predict tax obligations and more, with realistic forecasts, to aid their decision-making.

Smarter business planning
With the ability to forecast different outcomes across the group account level, ForeSight can be used as a powerful tool in business planning for wealth management companies.


Flexible future event configuration
Define future events and their frequency to assist with future reporting estimates. Can be used to determine future capital gains tax, charges and fees.

Platform proposition modelling
Allows platforms to model current and future events along with assets under management, cash inflows, and cash outflows.

Retirement planning capability
Predict account value exhaustion using assumed regular and ad-hoc withdrawal assumptions.

Cash forecasting
Model short term cash liquidity to detect cash deficiencies, allowing for near zero cash minimums.

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