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Rebalance portfolios with confidence and improve client outcomes.

With Rebalancer, advisors can closely monitor changes in portfolio performance and respond quickly, significantly reducing the time taken to rebalance portfolios. By removing the rebalancing process from core systems, users can benefit from enhanced functionality and improved performance.


Simplified process
Calculate different allocations with ease and evaluate their results. By removing time consuming calculations, advisors can adjust portfolio weightings quickly and improve performance.

Enhanced reporting capability
Allow different user groups to monitor performance of rebalancing activity. Online drift reporting to immediately show clients out of balance with their models.

Better customer outcomes
Ensure your customer portfolios are consistently aligned with their investment profiles and improve client outcomes.

Allow advisers to individually configure client rebalancing. Takes into account quarantined assets, substitution preferences, rebalance triggers and compliance rules.


Advisor control of investor parameters
Advisors and paraplanners can define investor level parameters and view the position of all investors and their associated models.

Mandate investor approval
Enable independent approval by end investors via confirmation emails and automatically trigger trades.

Test different scenarios
As part of the rebalance review process, advisors can establish alerts for style drifts and review different capital gains tax scenarios.

Broad functionality
Define investor parameters, set triggers and alerts, test different scenarios, set-up automated rules and more.

Capability to include multiple portfolio models within a single tax wrapper.

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