About FinoComp

The go-to experts in next generation microservice solutions for the wealth management industry.

FinoComp is a progressive software development company with the goal of transforming the wealth management industry. We use next generation microservices technology and our unique approach to help solve regulatory, propositional and operational challenges for wealth management companies.

Our teams are based in Wollongong, Australia and London, United Kingdom, and support our wealth management customers across Europe. We’re growing fast, have plans to expand, and have only just begun our journey to transform the technology landscape of the wealth management industry.

Our solutions offer:

Respond to change fast with our easy-to-implement technology.

Work with your current systems or adopt as stand-alone solutions.

High performing, accurate and robust solutions you can trust.

Find a way to solve your problems, no matter the complexity.

Our history

Our founder, Ray Tubman, started FinoComp in 2015.

After decades of experience pioneering new ideas across the IT and wealth management industries, Ray discovered a unique opportunity.

Ray saw fast-growing companies like Netflix and eBay use microservices technology to respond quickly to the market and accelerate their growth. He knew that organisations in the wealth management industry struggled to adapt to new regulations and changing customer needs, and could benefit from this approach. With FinoComp, he sought to combine the power of microservices with agile software development to help transform the industry.

FinoComp has grown quickly and now has a team of over 55 based across Australia and the UK. We were acquired by Bravura Solutions in October 2019, and are working together to deliver leading financial software solutions globally. While we currently serve the UK wealth management industry, we have plans to expand across the financial services industry.

Our vision

To be the go-to for innovative world-class WealthTech solutions that work seamlessly.

Our mission

To help our clients be extraordinary by building awesome products and attracting amazing people.

Our clients

Meet our management team

At FinoComp, we recognise that our products and service can only ever be as good as our people. So we focus on finding the best. People who deeply understand software, thrive on continuous learning, live to solve complex problems – and know how to have fun along the way.

Tim Williams

Business Development Director

As our Business Development Director, Tim is responsible for the adoption of FinoComp’s next-generation MicroServices solutions across the wealth management industry.

Thanks to his background in introducing new technology to the wealth management industry, Tim has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with it. He values long-standing relationships and building trust with his clients.

Tim loves anything sports related and is just as happy playing as he is spectating. His worst nightmare is having no-one to talk to and a world without sport.

John Kostogiannis

Commercial Director

John is our Commercial Director and brings to the role decades of hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial expertise, mainly in the development, commercialisation and delivery of bespoke hardware and software around the world.

He thrives working with like-minded professionals who set high expectations and work consistently to exceed them.

When not working, he takes great delight in watching his three children play football and any free time is spent enjoying the Sydney coastline.

David Dodds

David heads up operations, where he looks after development, deployment, support IT, facilities and – at times – humour.

Often referred to as the glue that holds the important bits together, David draws on his decades of ICT experience to identify and break down blockers, paving the way for his team to excel.

David champions servant leadership, strives for honesty, integrity and humility, and ensures the FinoComp team is empowered to do what they do best.

Deliberately different

Future-proof your competitive edge and open up a world of possibilities with our next generation software.








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