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Create a single consistent, reliable source of asset and platform data across your business.

Thanks to increasingly complex system structures and regulations, the need for reliable, consistent data has never been more important across the wealth management industry. SSAD can help improve data quality by mastering asset data in a single place across multiple systems. It can run reliable validation and ensure data is synchronised across different data sources. With a single source of data, you can improve and maintain data quality, and create operational efficiencies.


One single source of truth
With the capability to feed into multiple sources of data, SSAD ingests information from across the business and creates one reliable source of truth. This may include asset charges, trading data, settlement details distributions data, asset permissibility and reconciliation information.

Excellent data quality
Compare and identify amended asset data and synchronise updates across multiple sources with automated ingestion. Depending on the nature of the change, processing rules and workflows enable manual verification or automatic synchronisation. This will ensure data accuracy and reliability.

Improve operational efficiency
Create a single point of entry for asset-related information across all systems. Reduce the need for manual data inputs, while reducing risks and costs.


Automated synchronisation
Automatically pull data, conduct checks and push changes that fall within predefined parameters across multiple sources. Receive automatic trigger warnings for changes that fall outside predefined parameters.

User interface with broad functionality
Manage version control, define user roles and create a central repository of assets and asset managers.

Reconciliation back to source data
Have data updates checked and issues flagged across all sources while ensuring all asset data sources, are synchronised.

Supports all asset types
Caters for all asset types including funds, equities, bonds and EFTs.

Full electronic audit history
Provides full version control history, giving users the ability to investigate past changes and accurately respond to customer queries.

Flexible configuration
Create workflow rules with the capability to adapt as and when needed. Define user privileges to support creation and approval.

Suite of APIs
Choose from a range of APIs that can support rapid data retrieval and improve the customer experience within the online portal. This includes functionality that honours all restrictions and permissibility parameters, and presents asset lists based on that context.

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