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Charge Def

Create, maintain and allocate charge rate cards with ease.

Administer charge rate cards across different platforms with one flexible, easy-to-use tool. Allow advisors to create different charge types or introduce new ones without costly systems enhancements. Thanks to the clean, intuitive user interface, users can easily navigate the system and feel confident in their changes.


Value-add for advisors
Give advisors more control over their charge rate cards with flexible self-service functionality. Help advisors determine the best fit for their customers with the ability to review different rate cards, choose from standard templates or customise their own.

Clear auditability
Gain clarity and transparency on all past transactions with access to complete record history. Easily access information on past activity for audits and customer requests.

Avoid costly upgrades
Replace the need for costly systems upgrades with a technology that works with your current system and includes the functionality to implement new charge structures.


Interactive user interface
Supports advisor self-service and provides access to the rate cards available to them with the option to implement new charge structures for customers.

Complete electronic audit trail
Includes a comparison function to track when rate cards have been created or amended, and when clients have been linked or de-linked to them.

Full integration
Seamless integration with existing advisor and wealth management portals, with updates delivered via APIs.

Flexible charging structures
Various charging structures can be accommodated including flat tiers, flexible tiers, minimums and maximums, along with the capacity to combine multiple charge types. Includes the ability to create overrides at different levels. Charging structures can be based on individual, investor or family grouping account levels.

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