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Fast, accurate and detailed insights into portfolio performance.

Insight is an advanced performance calculation engine that gives advisors access to comprehensive breakdowns of portfolio performance. It caters for a wide range of variables including different calculation methods, date ranges, and currencies. Calculations are made in real-time and are available via an intuitive interface, giving advisors access to powerful information fast.


Advanced performance calculations
Choose from highly accurate performance calculation methods including time weighted and money weight returns. Calculate performance at the individual, portfolio or wrapper level.

Adaptable portfolio views
With the flexibility to consider multiple date ranges, currencies and asset classes, advisors can view portfolio performance against different benchmarks and composite benchmarks.

Detailed insights
Insights offers complete transparency into portfolio performance. Advisors can analyse the impact of different variables on performance including a breakdown by asset class, foreign exchange, income, fees, and charges on performance.

Access information fast
Advisors can access timely, advanced insights fast through an intuitive interface, reducing reliance on platform operational support.


Real-time insights and reporting
All performance calculations, breakdowns and attribution analysis can be accessed quickly and easily by the advisor via the user interface.

Detailed attribution breakdowns
Capacity to break down each component that has contributed to performance including individual assets, fees, and charges.

Flexible inputs
Insight caters for multiple currencies, flexible date ranges and different portfolio levels including individual, single account, or a combination of multiple accounts.

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