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Perform powerful cost-base calculations and optimise capital gains tax allowances.

Make complex capital gains tax calculations with ease. Test different scenarios, determine tax implications, and evaluate bottom-line impacts to better optimise client portfolios. With a sophisticated calculation capability and an intuitive interface, Cobalt helps deliver premium client service and is currently used across the UK’s largest platforms.


Powerful decision-making
Model scenarios based on client investment objectives and let Cobalt calculate the most efficient way of realising these objectives. Monitor positions, evaluate tax implications, and arm investors with the information they need to make smarter investment decisions.

Improved customer experience
With functionality to drill down into the detail and generate tax optimisation measures, advisors can make powerful changes within an individual portfolio and improve client outcomes.

Fast and accurate calculations
Make quick, accurate real-time calculations around unrealised and realised gains and losses.

Exceptional service
Advisors gain access to valuable information with ease, thanks to the clean, intuitive user interface, helping them deliver better client advice.


Automated ingestion layer
The automated ingestion layer enables seamless integration with existing core platform technology.

Built-in reconciliation system
Ensure high quality data with automatic data checks that flag any exceptions or issues with the data. Includes capability for advisors to input data within the tool.

Flexibility across different tax calculations
Calculations can cater for different methods including, the same day rule, 30-day rule and pooled calculations, as well as calculating the impact of corporate actions.

Capability to make complex calculations fast
The advanced calculation engine allows data to be re-run in real time with the user being able to choose when calculations are run.

Transfer enrichment
Accommodates the enrichment of re-registrations for historical cost base calculations and managing the taxable status of inter-person transfers.

Interactive user interface
Supports advisor self-service and provides a full transaction breakdown of all aspects of a client’s cost base.

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